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Welcome to the LoS Website.

Over the past 10 15 20 years this site has gone through a variety of owners, servers, and hosting sites.

In fact it would most likely be completely gone if it weren't for some luck. Years ago I was traveling for business and while hanging in my hotel room I decided to look at the old LoS site. While there I was hit by a strange feeling that it would really suck if the site were ever to completely disappear.

On a whim I fired up Teleport Pro and made a copy of the site on my laptop.

Well it turned out to be fortunate as a few months later the site disappeared from the web. I checked around and found that legacyofsteel.net was up for auction. I got in a minor bidding war but luckily no one out there thought it was worth more than a couple hundred bucks.

Unfortunately this site was created 20 years ago in a variety of free html editing programs, text editors, and god knows what else. That any browser could display this steaming pile is a testament to the html leeway provided by modern browser software. On top of that in order to attempt to recreate it I've had to rely on files created by Teleport Pro (which does about as good a job as can be done).

I've tried to maintain the look and feel of the last known incarnation of the site yet updated portions for easier use. For instance, the galleries and archives have been updated for better browsing.

Maybe it was ridiculous putting all the time in to clean up this PoS, but here's the deal. Much like your friends from high school or college, my EQ guildmates are friends you rarely see but when you do you pick up right where you left off. Many of us maintain friendships on Facebook and other social media. Some of our members got married and have kids!

I look forward to sharing a beer with many of them over the years to come and yes we were geeks. Yes, you can say "Nerd Alert" all you want but before most people ever heard the term MMORPG or Wow or any of the others...

We slew dragons.

--Adorean Lew,Master of the Arcane,"Port Bitch"

*** October 2015 - 5 year update. Once again in a fit of insanity I decided to get this off an old IIS/.NET hosted server. To do so I had to dump the C# code base and switch it over to NodeJS with Angular for the front end. Whoo hoo.. maybe 5 years from now I'll shove it in WordPress.

*** October 2020 - 5 year update. So once again I had to move some server stuff and guess what was laying around. I couldn't get it to build anymore due to so many outdated node packages. So the latest incarnation is now running in a Docker Container as a static ReactJS web site generated by Gatsby.