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It's 5:18 am, I Drank Too Much Coffee, I Want To Post Some News But I Can't Because Apparently My Slacker Guildmates are Too Damned Lazy to Press the Screenshot Key and Write Down the Damned Loot Drops On The One Day I am Gone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sunday, November 5, 2000 --  tigole image

Legacy of Steel wrapped up the 3-day tour of Plane of Sky with a very successful farming session of the Sister of Spire .  Or at least from what I can gather it was successful. . .After perusing the private forums for some time I was able to come up with some drops.  Lucky for you, the viewer, since I have no pictures to work with here, I snagged a bunch from another site so our page is probably chugging nice and slow right now.

Nizzarr might have gotten a Treant Tear :

Treant Tear

There's a chance Jeddite  got a Mage Quest Bracer:

Mage Bracer

Oh sweet, look at that Bots garbage getting the free plug on our page. . .spider logo is nice and original.  Haven't seen that 2000 times before.

Chon and Relic both looted the no-drop item to complete the Haste belt quest. . .or so it seems. .

WTF Ramone?!?!?!?!?!?!


Bethca Khrath Darkfist is feeling pretty stoked for sticking hisname on the picture right about now.

Cyberchen, pally twink extraordinaire or somethin', was rumored to have looted this haste belt:

Tets may be wearing Weight of the Gods now. . .but who knows?


Oh, isn't that cure?  Apparently War and Peace was already used on another screenshot.  Boy, that must have been a fun raid to go on. . .what with 413 guilds particpating.  I heard they kept crashing the zone whenever an item would drop and they'd all roll for loot.

From what I can gather, a bunch of other nice stuff dropped as well.  Perhaps some monk quest items which could complete Haste quests.  Stuff along those lines.  Who would have guessed the members of my guild would have collectively studied the entertainment value of dramatic tension.  Suspension and Mystery work wonders. . . Way to go guys.

Ok, it's now 5:53 a.m., the damned dog is mulling about which means it's time to schlep him around the block.  My stomach feels as though I drank a quart of battery acid.  At this point I am just getting some sweet revenge on my homies for not fufilling my ONE, SO VERY SIMPLE request.  Oh well, while I am at it I'll close this news update (man, that's a stretch calling this gibberish news) with a blatant disregard of my semi-trusted position here. 

Here is the beautiful Arabella.  Love of my life.  Feel free to stare for hours at my Gnomish Beauty: