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Royal Flush . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tuesday, November 14, 2000 --  tigole image

Once again, we delved into the depths of Chardok.  Mostly we were after elusive quest pieces.  We certainly weren't there for the HGS. . .well, maybe Tenaj.  I could ramble on about the stinkin' dungeon but there's really nothing new to say.  We got a bunchy of crappy swords and axes that will rot in someone's bank account most likely.  We did get an Incardine Breastplate, which will save someone 12pp on invis potions down the road.  So let's keep this brief and to the point:

Dead Prince

Dead Prince: Llod Llod got Head (wow, that's a first)

Dead King

Dead King (x2)

Dead Queen

Dead Queen (x2) Many Congrats to Ariel and Glubgawd on Ancient Blade!!!

(yay the trip was worth it!!  Winkin also got some herb. . unfortunately, it wasn't the kind you can smoke)

This next image I decided to share with you all what is know as the Glory of Rivervale.  Sure, make your knocks about our hariy feet, our large-chested women, but how many of you can solo the Queen of Chardok?  I present to you, Mr. Parv Vardt, Pride of Rivervale, better know as pure ownage:


Parv vs. the Queen

(dammit our strat is out: go for the knees!)

Well, after all that fun in Chardok a few of us decided it would be nice to be able to walk through Dreadlands without getting raped by that beast known as Gorenaire for once.  Into Mistmoore we went.  The Ring of Scale of was pleased:

Was a big pull. . .

Mistmoore: Camped

Unfortunately, Oog ran into some problems: