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Veeshan's Peak: What a Long Strange Trip It's Been . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Saturday, November 18, 2000 --  tigole image

Tenaj Speaks, Saldor Answers



Druushk Lair

Here's Druushk chillin by his bookcase, reading Charles Bukowski novels and drinking cheap wine.

Druushk Inc

Bah, someone came banging on my door. . me and my racnor buddy better come check out wassssup.

Hey, check out the hot pasty chick in the Kedge Robe. . .I bet I could get a piece of that. . .

Whoa nellie!  I know I'm a ranger. . .but who woulda guessed I'd die this fast.

Loot from Druushk (pictures lacking once again. . . sigh. . .SLACKERS!):

Grats to Uggly on the sword.  No clue if that's the exact same one (cough. . .cough) because certain screenshots are lacking.  It does proc Force Shock etc. . .

Daelomin was awarded some Enchanter staff doo-hickey that has a Charm effect.  Luckily, Daelomin is the man and can update this page as well so I have faith you'll see a lil edit with a picture of the staff when he gets around to it.

Vertulias also looted a nice one hand blunt.  Well, I can't find jack on what it was Vertulias looted.  Some Skull-thinga-majiggy that no one bothered to take a picture of or send me a screenshot of. . . .

Well, we were happy none the less.

Then it was time for rogue scouting mission which being the master-uber-leet-fool that I am, I managed to turn into rogue solo-pulling Nexona and dying in a really bad spot mission.



It got to be very late.  Our east coasters had long since logged.  But many of us wanted to give Phara Dar a shot since we had never engaged the dragon before and wanted to know what we were up against.  We pretty much knew it was a death wish but the only way to learn how to beat these mofos is with mojo, and mojo is one thing we ain't lacking.  We did manage a beautiful Phara Dar solo pull.

Phara Dar

Cowboy gonna die

So we left Phara Dar and Nexona until later on.  Hopefully they will be dead sometime this week.

Oh yes, and I promised many people a pic of Brionca in full mrylokar. . .where's the helmet brio?

Brionca in Black

I'll be gone all day today. . .no clue what the guild is up to.  Don't expect an update until Monday most likely although, you never know. . . .