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Epic Weekend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Monday, November 20, 2000 --  tigole image

Weekends are usually slow for us.  We lose a lot to travel, obligations to the family, and then there's Tenaj, whose quest to find the swankest bathhouse offering HGS in West Hollywood often tears him away from his beloved Everquest.  Luckily, these "slow" periods give our members time to get things done that our event schedule just doesn't allow room for.  As a result, many epic quests were finished.

Ranger Down!



The Earthcaller and the Swiftwind:  Joy of Rangers throughout Norrath, bane of Clerics everywhere.

Earthcall effect (from EQlizer): It is a magic based DOT/Debuff. It does 500 damage in two and a half minutes at the rate of 20 points per tick. It also slows your opponent by up to 70% for the duration of the spell.  Editors note: As if Rangers ever live for two and a half minutes continusously.

Swift Spirit effect (from EQLizer): This spell grants 40% haste to the wielder as well as adding 30 ATK.  Editors note: Sweet, 40% quicker till you get that res.

All kidding aside, these weapons are very nice and seeing Galiaan wield them makes all of us in LoS proud.  Many Congrats Gal.


Wrath of Nature Effect (from EQlizer): It is a magic based dot which also snares your opponent. It does up to 1650 points of damage over a 3 minute period. It does so at a rate of 55 points of damage per tick(6 seconds).

Siddean was also fortunate enough to complete his epic quest.  Sidd has been chasing the elusive FEEEESH known as Faydedar for quite some time now.  Luckily, we tracked him down and whacked him so Siddy can now wield this sweet weap.  Congrats Sidd! All the hard work paid off.

d Mudcrush

Curse of the Spirits effect (from EQlizer): It is a magic based dot which increases in power over time. The exact amount is not known but it is estimated between 1200-1500 points of damage.


Well, this update slowly draws to an end.  This week will be a busy one, especially with another patch tomorrow.  We're looking forward to a full respawn in Veeshan's Peak.  I learned a very valuable lesson to this weekend.  Alcohol and Everquest are a deadly combination.  Saturday night, under the influence of entirely too much whiskey, I made that fatal mistake of logging onto Everquest.  Not only do I have no recollection of what innapropriate things I might have said, shouted. . god knows what. . .but worst of all, when I logged in the next day, I found myself sitting on the docks in Lake Rathe.  What in god's name was I doing in Lake Rathe?  Honestly I can't remember.  All I know is it burns when I go pee and one of the gnolls seemed to be walking rather stiffly.