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4 Dragons in 5 Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Saturday, November 25, 2000 --  tigole image

What a day. . what a day.  Before I get ahead of myself, let me say that I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  Mine was quite excellent.  Always great to hang with the family even if my little niece is out to get me with her flu.  I kept asking to be buffed with Resist Disease all through dinner.

Anyway, we killed all the dragons in Kunark today (personally I don't think of VP as Kunark, I think of it as VP. . .nonetheless those dragons die on Sunday).  Trakanon was the first leeezard to bite the big one.

Here's loot:

Many congrats to Chon and Arizo!

After Trak, we wanted to clear Talendor so that we don't have too many dead halflings on our next Veeshan's Peak run laying in Skyfire.

More good loot:


Grats to Nizzarr on the shield, Tork on the CoF and Barnabuss on the Dragon Hero Bracer.  The Scales will go to the bank until someone is ready to complete their Epic Weapon Quest.

From Skyfire to Emerald Jungle. . . .Severilous was the next order of biz.

If that's not a badass pic of a dragon, I dunno what is.

Loot was. . . .


Llod was awarded the Pouch which is a 10 slot, 100% weight reducer.  The rest of the stuff hit the LoS bank for future use.

We saved the toughest for last.  Ariel had to log and Tenaj and I were frantically sending tells back and forth. . . "You think we can do this? Lots of people logged. . .we only have so many tanks" etc. . .But thank god our guild has balls the size of churchbells.  I think Naj and I were the only ones who briefly had some doubt that we might not be able to kill GorenaireJangos summed it up best when she sent me a tell saying, "How will we know we can't beat Gorenaire with this few people unless we try."  That pretty much somes up our guilds attitude.  Succeed at all costs.  Never afraid to fail.  Always ready to try again, and try harder.

Also dropped a Warhammer of Divine Shit, grats bank

The Shield was awarded to Demius.  This Pouch went to Ozus.  The bracer was awarded to the Man in the Purple Pants, Amulek.  The White Scale was returned to Bayla of Eye of the Ages.  Bayla had leant her scale to Polonious so that he could finish his Epic Quest.  Many thanks for the loan Bayla.

Usually my updates are full of my wanna-be-witty and often stupid commentary but today's is rather lacking.  Truth is I am DAMNED proud to be a member of Legacy of Steel.  Anyone who has completed a successful dragon raid knows the feeling of accomplishment aftwards but to kill 4 dragons back to back, including Gorenaire, well. . .all I can say is, I'm lucky to be a part of this guild.