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How Much For The Women? The Little Girl . . . How Much for the Little Girl? I Want To Buy Your Childrens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Monday, December 4, 2000 --  tigole image

Yesterday I went to a hockey game with my brothers.  Was gone most the day, into the evening.  Of course, somehow I manage to lock myself out of my apartment.  I think about knocking on the Manager's door and waking him up (it's about 10pst at this point) but then I remember it's December now and, oh shit, I forgot to pay rent.  Plus I can hear my f'ing dog barking.  So I wasn't to privy to banging on the Manager's door, having him come up to my apartment, with barking dog, late rent, and letting me in.  I finally get a key from my father who lives a few towns away.  Anyway, I turn on the computer and see a post from Rakab on our message board saying Dragons are up!  Talendor, Severilous, Gorenaire. . . all spawned.  Wow, I think to myself.  We just killed them.  How awesome that there are more dragons for us to keeeeeel.  I am very psyched to hear the loot.  I hope that someone took screenshots so I don't have to post a bunch of old pics of dead dragons.

Well, apparently we are now a roleplaying guild.  All dragons alive when I log in.  It's too late for a raid.  There is one cleric online.  Let me practice my roleplaying:

/em gives a swift boot to the ass to all guildmembers who let dragons live

/em boggle

/em hi hun.  i am really a girl in real life.  i look just like my wood elf character.  i even wear leather pants around the house

wow, roleplaying is fun.  sure beats dead dragons.

Never being a quitter.  I decide to put together a hasty raid to quench my bloodthirst.  Unfortunately, the only one interested is me.  The raid is set.  the CHANCELLOR DI ZOK in Lake of Ill Omen must die! Wow. Here's a pic after the big defeat:

It was a tough fight but our raid party, me, survived.  Usually, we don't give out our strategies (sorry all my level 1 friends) but just this once I will share some of my uber-l33tness with you.  Buffs are key.  First I buff with Jboots.  Next comes Ultravision.  Then Strength of Earth combined with my +7 attack buff from my Shrunken Goblin Earring.  At this point I am a virtual killing machine.  There is no stopping me.  I prefer to stand in the corner and with any luck, get a nice clean solo pull of the Chancellor.  Next I press the "A" button.  If Chancellor Mo Faka starts casting, I move around and backstab him.  Quite l33t.  I can see this being copied and pasted all over the net already. . . .My dominance of the Chacellor spawn is no more. . .Loose Lips Sink Ships.

Anyway, here is some of the FINE loot obtained on Sunday:

Quotes of The Day:

Today's quotes of the day are indicative of classism in EQ. . .poor bards