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Where Are the Hard Nipples? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tuesday, December 5, 2000 --  tigole image

Velious: Land of Ice, Snow, Freezing Winds. . . .So explain to me, why is the hotty High Elf chick on the cover of the box not sporting her high beams?  My nipples get hard just thinking about all that snow.  Well, nonetheless, I decided to buy the expansion anyway.  In fact it's sitting here on my desk.  Waiting to be opened. . . .waiting to be installed. . .I even drove to the GHETTO to buy it.  Man, Ghetto Mall was the only place that had it in stock.  I get there and I cannot find the store.  I pass this one spot that used to be a Mexican Restaruant.  This will tell you just how ghetto this mall is.  The Mexican Restaraunt closes down and a Jewelry store moves in.  But the jewelry store doesn't renovate the space at all.  It's called DON ROBERTO'S JEWELERS now. . .fucking, gold necklaces displayed in spanish-style windows, you know, white stucco, subtle arches.  Anyway, thanks to Ghetto Mall, I now have my copy of Scars of Velious.  I also remember why I do all my shopping online.  Shit, that reminds me I need to cancel my Amazon pre-order.  Ghetto Mall ninja-striked my business.

Anyway, as you know it was patch day yesterday. . . today. . . tomorrow.  Of course we keeeeeled stuff.  Here is some dead stuff to look at:

Venril Sathir finally dropped some much needed Trousers for one of our gaybards:

We were also blessed with that FINE cleric staff.  But soon it turned to a curse.  LoS might be disbanding because all of our clerics are fighting over the staff. . .Don't be surprised if we all just quit everquest and start a Minesweeper guild or some shit.

Of course, this guy had to die too:

Drops were nice.  A Poison Mantle for Rakab Bakar and a Mrylokar Breastplate for Relic.

AFK Messages of the Day:

Quotes of the Day:

Stalkers, Wanna-Be's, Unoriginal Bastards and Shigole, My Hero, of the Day:

Ok, enough updating for today.  Time to go see Velious.  Hopefully Verant will be patching Hard Nipples into the game soon.  That and fishing on the Boat.