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Snow. It had to be Snow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Wednesday, December 6, 2000 --  tigole image


Here's the Iceclad Ocean Zone

Eastern Wastes

Great Divide

It seems that the SCREENSHOT feature is disabled for a few days.  That sure makes my job a lot of fun.  Before all you l33t hax0rs start posting on our board about some program I could use to take screens, just let me wallow in my bitching.  My eyes are burning through my goddamn skull from staring at HARSH, GLARING, WHITE all night.  Did I mention I really hate the fucking snow?  I can't read any of the text on those white backgrounds.  Looks like whoever made some of those Velious zones played a little too much Super Mario Brothers back in the day.  Nothing funner than slippery floors! Ccc.  Dear god.  Well, I did see some bad-ass stuff and I managed to get a nice upgrade to my old Diamodine Earring.  I also saw some bad-ass Mo Faka's that I look forward to watching our guild beat-down very soon.  I'm a little wary of killing stuff in Velious because of all the faction rumors flying around.  Not to mention that the faction was Fubar'd today so you could not tell which factions you were wrecking.  Boy, nothing funner than Mazes, Quests, Slippery Floors and Faction Concerns!  Verant, quit reading my mind!

Oh.  We did keeeeel shiznit today.  Since they fux0red my screenshot button you'll just have to look at old pictures.  Ya, I know the archived news needs updating. . .I'll get to it.  Someday.

Venril Sathir dropped Singing Steel Greaves.  Both Blurr and Jangos were awarded Singing Steel Greaves today.

Trakanon dropped an Elder Spiritualists Breastplate and a Cloak of Piety -- Grats Signel.

Important!!!  Real News!!

Our Members Section went live today.  Just click on the members thingy up there on the top frame.  Abou's is particularly entertaining reading.  Members can update/change their info at anytime so keep checking back.  I know nothing interests you more than what Tenaj has in his ammo slot.

Anyway, OogtuugVahn did one hell of a job with the members section so be sure to check it out.  Thanks a ton Oog.

Quote of the Day:

Hrm. The screenshot button didn't work.  You want a quote?  Here's a stinking quote. . .

Stop sending me random goddamn tells all night.  I don't want to tell you how to farm the spiroc lord, I don't feel like telling you how to beat Venril Sathir, I don't want to tell you the stats of my weapons and armor, I don't want to tell you what the current zone I am in looks like, I'm not going to ask my guild for pricechecks on your shitty farmed items, I don't have any old rogue stuff for sale, if I've never spoken to you before - I am not impressed that you are 46 now and in Plane of Fear, I don't want to tell you how to beat Hoshkar, I don't want to tell you what mob I am killing, I have no idea what item is worth more when you tell me two - I kill for my loot, I am just trying to relax and play a game.  Thx la~