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Fizzle Fizzle Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Friday, December 8, 2000 --  tigole image
I seem to have lost all the images from this one - apologies. Barney. 6/17/02.

Hot damn it's late.  I am freakin-A tired at the moment.  But the news must go on dammit!!!!  Still haven't had a lot of *quality* time to explore Velious.  We've been trying to take advantage of all the recent patches to equip some of our members with long-overdue loot.  If only Shissar Staves from Venril had high AC and could fit in the leg or chest slot. . .Anyway, we killed Venril. . .I think 4 times this week.  Maybe 3.  Honestly I cannot remember.  Trakanon died 3 times.  Todays loot was nice.  Mrylokar Legs, Cobalt Breastplate, and Shaman Breastplate.  All unawarded.  Also, Venril dopped a Gnarled staff that went to Sunmoontw.  Grats fool wizard.  Here are some pix:

Deja Vu?

The Amazing, Floating, Dead Dragon!

So, we got a small group together and checked out two places, the Giant city and Velketor's Maze.  I took some screenshots of some stuff as well as some of the loot.  Most of the loot was of the highest quality crap out there.  Although that Giant Scalemail is nice caster loot.  Judge for yourself.  Anyway, if this were a movie, here's where the Velious montage would fade in. . . . .

Oogtuug "Does" Giant Town


Orby in her new duds. . .(all together her AC comes to 19 in this outfit)

Fear the druid claw. . .

More giants. . .

Velketor. . .this beeotch is gonna die.

Now for some loot (i take no responsibility for the crappiness of it):

(can't even use the stupid pole to fish -- yes i tried. don't get me started on the boats. . .)

Quotes of the Day:

Someone please tell Jangos that Solo means 1 not 5.

Jangos explains the LoS recruiting process:

Stalker, Wanna-be, and Unoriginal Bastard of the Day:

Yes, yes we will keeeeeel something worth talking about soon.  Still waiting on enough people to get Velious to get a serious raid going.  Also, we have decided that there is nothing better than doing the same two raids day in and day out.  When I step into Venril's arena or Trakanon's lair at this point, I expect to find the clock to punch my timecard in.  Ah well. . .Velious soooooon enough.