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These Boots Were Made For. . .uh. . Kicking Ass (screw walkin', Nancy) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Saturday, December 9, 2000 --  tigole image

The beauty about being the A-Hole with the FTP password, the shitty shareware HTML program, the big glass of Old Grandad and the free time at 2:15 am to sit here typing this is getting to post my new boots right at the top of the page baby!!!  Thanks guild!  These boots are considerably better than Mrylokar (AC 18), and note the sweet pimpness of their appearance.  Hopefully, by the time I get complete Velious armor, I can look exactly like Sirran the Lunatic, my idol.

We killed Giants today!

Well, I lied.  Here's King Tormax.  We didn't kill this mo faka.  In fact, I'm still walking funny from the encounter.

Note: Larthan's not fucking around.

Meet our buddy the Vindicator.  He vindicated me right in the Goat Ass.

This poosae died. . .

These poosaes died too. . .note Chon's new mrylokar greaves! Grats Chon!

We also killed Uber-Poosae, Venril Sathqueer:

Grats bank on two shitty staves, and Grats Fugatti from Sanctuary on Gem to complete Epic quest.

But old Venril phat l3wt was awarded:

Grats Hammyr on DW greaves!

Random Velious Loot of the Day:


Duels of the Day:

We had lots of time to kill at one point today.  So we decided to pass the time by beating Jangos like a rented mule. . . .sigh. . .fool bard, lay off the /d key.

Bah, that's just for calling me "asswipe" last night, Jangos.  You know me love you long time.  Like I mention at the beginning of this update, Fear the fool with FTP access.

Quotes of the Day: