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Big Bossman. . .You Ain't So Big, You just Tall, That's All . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tuesday, December 19, 2000 --  tigole image


Congratulations to Desp and Uggly on completing their Epic Weapon Quests!

Chode-suck. . .err. . I mean Chardok, the zone designed to make the HOLE and Kedge Keep look like fun. . .yep, Chardok was the scene of the crime tonight.  I'll give Chardok this much -- it's no Siren's Grotto. . .

Three Kings, Three Queens and a Poosae Lizard.  Almost a good hand if we were playing seven card stud.


There's your dead Queens.


Three dead Kings. . .

And the previously mentioned Dead Poosae Lizard

All kidding aside, Chardok was pretty fun tonight.  I think in my vast uber-l33tness I have discovered the trick to truly enjoying the zone.  Here's what ya do:  Go out to the store and buy yourself a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label.  No, I'm not talking about Red Label you cheap son of a bitch, buy the good stuff.  You need as little to complain about as possible, you're in Chardok.  At least be drunk on good whiskey.  I spent months refining this Chardok strat and I must admit, it basically is heaven-sent.  Sweet Liquor, how it eases the pain. . .

I guess I have some sort of responsibility to report the drops of the night.  All that matters is that two out of three Queens dropped blades tonight.  The rest was a bunch of garbage.  We got one of those SK daggers. . .10/28. . .off the queen.  Thanks for the swift kick in the nuts, Verant.  My destroy button was getting dusty because I hadn't been to the HOLE in a few weeks.  Thank god Chardok gave me a chance to work that bad-boy again.  Venril dropped Pally legs. . .congrats bank!  He also dropped a piece of shiznit staff, big surprise.  Luckily we have Venril down to a 30 minute endeavour so there's not much to be bitter about there, unless you're like me, and get your rocks off being drunk and bitter just because. . .

Well, I know you'll all be dissapointed to hear this, but I'm off to Vegas again tomorrow.  Another rush-hour drive there and back.  So you'll have to deal with CNN or perhaps the Associated Press for your daily news.  I know, I know, hardly a substitute for the fine journalism you get here each day.  No one said life was perfect.  Zone into Sirran's Goatass if you don't believe me.  And remember, if you're on I-15 tomorrow and you see a big-ass truck coming at you fast from behind, get the hell outta my lane ;)

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