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Whiskey River Take Me Home, Don't Let Her Memory Torture Me, Whiskey River Don't Run Dry, Tonight You're All I Have, Take Care of Me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Friday, December 29, 2000 --  tigole image

Yes, yes. . .very late update today.  I'm starting to get sick so I've been resting, taking it easy. . .getting a soar throat.  Now I know how Despie feels everday.  Yesterday was a good day for the guild.  We added a new member, the lovely Ms. Cyni Barhopper.  Not only does Cyni have mad skeelz, she is a damage dealing machine AND she makes you all wish you were a rogue too so you'd get the excellent view I get every night, backstabbing with her:


As we wait for the return of many of our friends, we've been trying to help people finish their Epic Quests.  First stop last night was City of Mist.  We killed Lord Rak'Rastaman or whatever so that the great Barbarian King (according to some), Valmoon, could proudly wield his Epic Weap.  City of Mist is an odd zone.  I think it is truly one of the best looking dungeons in Kunark.  Just a shame there's no reason to go there.  It suffers from Chardok-itis.

Next stop was everyone's favorite zone, THE HOLE.  Oh how we love the HOLE.  If god existed, then the HOLE would be heaven.  Monkeys could fly.  Desp would not suck.  Well, actually, for all my bitching and whining about the Hole, yesterdays' journey there was pretty harmless.  We managed to scrounge up Poly's mob so he is one step closer to getting his phatty spear.  While down there I sent Ariel a tell, "Hey, you want me to check if Yael is up?"  Ariel replies, "Sure.  Just don't die."

Master Yael shouts, "TIGOLE!"

Tigole tells the guild, " Erm Yael up."

Guild replies, "Um, no shit."

If there is any mob more visually stunning then Master Yael, it would have to be the HUGE Water Elemental in L Guk:

Luckily the big brown mo faka dropped some nice lewts:

Llod Llod: Ghetto Pimp of the FBR Deluxe

Meggan's new belt. . .

Well, I know I am going to break all your hearts when I tell you this, but I'm going to be gone tonight.  You all know what that means, probably no update tomorrow unless someone gets me some infoz for me.  I'm feeling sick as hell but a friend is having a shindig and it will be my last chance to see many of my homies before they leave town.  Tomorrow is Saturday anyway. . .go take your girlfriend out (even if she doesn't wear pants like Cyni Barhopper's).

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