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We Did It Like This, We Did it Like That, We Did It With a Whiffle Ball Bat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Thursday, January 4, 2001 --  tigole image

Epic Troll!

Polyphemus finished the quest for his Epic Poker today.  We had a pretty interesting fight against Lord Rastafarian.  Hehehe. . .I'll leave it at that -- interesting.  The Troll's holding the spear, right?  Anyway, I couldn't think of a more deserving Troll shaman to wield such a nice weap.  Grats Poly.

We were suffering from Dragonslayers withdrawl so we went stalking the leezards of Kunark to see what we could come up with.  Paid our old friend Trakanon a visit:

For all you first-time Trak raiders out there I am going to let you in on our strategy.  I know, my guild will kill me.  All those deaths we took learning how to wax Trak and here I go just posting our hard-earned information on a public site.  Well, I feel I can deprive those first-time dragon killers no more.  Ok, here it is -- the secret.  If you attempt Trakanon, and he does not die in this EXACT location, you are doing something horribly wrong and doomed to fail forever.  If you can't get Trakanon in this PRECISE spot when you fight him, you are cursed to wear a LFG tag for the rest of your life as you sit at the Karnor's zone line avoiding train after train.  There you have it.  Our Trak Strategy (tm).

Oh ya, loot:

Congrats Caswallawn!

Manna Robe -- the Venril Staff of the New Era

After Trak we evac'd to Skyfire to pay Talendor a visit.



What did this mighty dragon drop?  The dragon who guards Veeshan's Peak?  The named Dragon who roams the land of dragons, wurms and wyverms?  Awesome loot?  Godly loot?  Erm, no.  Get this.  Fool Talendor was packing a Selos Drum and a McAsskiss Horn.  Two bard instruments.  Instruments all our bards had back when we were 50 killing Nag and Vox.  Risk vs. Reward?  I musta brought my pet Goat to Skyfire because he sure was walking funny after tonight.  GG Verant.  Anyway, with all that said and done, I thought you might enjoy Desp's comments on the Talendor Loot:

I can see Jangos heading for the Rants forum now. . .

Stalkers, Wanna-be's, and Unoriginal Bastards of the Day:

woot! Galiaan gets paid homage

Quotes of the Day:

Ok this is when it becomes personal -- when the Damn Poofing Dain starts talking smack.  We've got you in our Crosshairs, Dain. 

Figures, the Dain is into HGS. . .