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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Saturday, January 20, 2001 --  tigole image

The plan of the night was to go to Necropolis and keeel Zlandicar.  Everythng was going smoothly.  We even ran into our old friend, Vaniki.  Here's us giving him a big LoS-Hello:

And here's the proud new owner of Vaniki's Willsapper:

Congrats to Cowboy!

So getting the Willsapper for Leick was good news.  But then I went to check on Zlandicar.  I was hoping to need to be CoH'd outta there with a big dragon on my ass, or else end up dead leaving a pain in the ass CR for one of my guildmates. . .then we could regroup and do some dragon-ass-kicking.  Instead I found myself in a very empty Zlandicar's Lair.  One thing I did find interesting, I set off nine traps scouting the place. . .not a single one did damage or break invis.  And yes, I was using Sense Traps but the damned refresh time is too long for me to stand around waiting for it to pop each time.  Oh well, I guess I should STFU and not complain.  Knowing Verant they will patch in impossible-to-sense, deathtouching traps if they read this.

As you can guess, we were pretty bummed that there was no fuggin dragon to beat down.  But, you might also say, well why didn't that dumbass halfling go check earlier?  Actually, don't say that please.  Or else blame it on Desp.  Desp said Zlandicar was up.  WTF Desp. . .wasting all our time there.  Fuggin Desp.

Disappointed yet still eager to keeel, we headed over to Dorf Town to lay our blades to that cacksugger, The Dain.  For those of you who follow our exploits, you'll remember that we have never gotten to fight His Shittyiness the Dain.  Each time he has poofed on us.  Well, I hate to say it but when the Dain declared this last night, he wasn't joking:

Yup, he was right


4 Dain Attempts, 4 Poofs

Now for all you critics sitting at home I'd like to point out the following.  Each time we have pulled the Dain, we have used a different method.  We have attempted him in multiple spots.  It's not like we enjoy getting everyone to Dorf Town, killing a bunch of high-hit-point-crap-loot-dropping-dorfs only to Poof the Dain because of our Dain-pulling-gimpyness.  I'd like to think we have a very decent record of not doing dumbass-gimp things. . .just look at the mobs we have killed time and time again.  I seriously hope VI takes a look into this problem or else issues some kind of statement that the Dain is poofing as intended. . .in which case. . .why the fug would you make a mob that poofs for 7 days?  Please Verant -- log in and send me a tell.  It's obvious your Quality Assurance guys are far too busy making sure the fire beetle pathing in West Commons is working right to spend any time on one of the main mobs of your new expansion.  LoS will gladly give you some QA time if you'd like to witness your programming at it's worst.

Well, aren't I just a big cacksugger?  Don't answer that please.

So no update for tomorrow because I won't be playing EQ at all today. . .this gives you more time to stare at Cowboy and wish you were half as cool as he is.

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