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Too Much Monkey Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Wednesday, January 24, 2001 --  tigole image

Arlos the Disciple

Best of the Best

Evening started off with the Monkey Tourney in Arena.  Arlos made us proud.  The competition was stiff but Arlos showed them all who the title of Nameless's Best Monk belongs to.

While Arlos was busy kicking ass and taking names in the Arena, the rest of us were making our way to Dragon Necropolis.  We heard Jaled Dar bitching and moaning. . . .

Talk-Shmalk. . .The bitch must die!

Zlandicar Slain!

For those of you who are curious, this is what the ugly mo faka looked like pre-death:

The fight was a blast and loot proved to be plentiful and worthy:



Zlandicar's Talisman went to Ariel so that she can lead the way into Sleepers Tomb.  First Brood Talisman went to Fool Dorf Desp.  Frakadar's Talisman went to VendreahlMonq was awarded the Guantlets of Mortality.  And I looted Zlandicar's heart to complete the quest for the Key to Jaled Dar's Tomb.

Neb hooked a brother up. . .


So we took our shiny new key and went to Jaled Dar's Tomb so that we could get Ariel her Sleeper's Key.  Only problem is this is what we found when we opened the Tomb up:

Nobody Home

And last but certainly not least, Legacy of Steel would like to welcome Sokritize to our ranks.

Summon me booze!

Glad to have ya aboard Sok. . .

Stalkers, Wanna-be's, and Unoriginal Bastards:

and my personal favorite. . . .

Quotes of the Day:

Nice Spelling Jaled Dar. . .

And lastly, a quote which shows just how profound and mature LoS is. . .