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We Bid You Goodnight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Monday, February 12, 2001 --  tigole image

Dragon Necropolis: Home of Dead Dragons

Just Making Sure It Lives Up to its Name

Zlandicar rests eternally on that ugly mo faka face

Gotta keep it quick today.  I'm already late and it's stormy as hell out.  Had a fun time killing Zlandicar again.  I'm not sure what is more of an accomplishment against Zlandicar, defeating the dragon or not going LD.  Man, the LD's are insane against that dragon.  Well, bitching aside the loot was quite nice.  Zlandicar's Heart for Nyannyan, Zland's Talisman for Mr. Polonious, Frakadar's Talisman. . .holy-fuck-me-in-the-goatass I can't remember who got Frak's Talisman. . .doh. . sorry. . .Cowl of Mortality to Desp and I ninja looted the ownage gloves because no one wanted them. . .that and I am a supreme loot whore only plays this game to impress the Mangina Wood Elf druids who inspect me in the East Commons tunnel.  Woot, I am secure in my l33tness. . .look at my gloves Wyldflour Geydrood then cyber me, beeotch.  Sure, you're a stripper in real life. . .and I'm Donald Fucking Trump.  Now go back to inspecting my gloves and wishing your arms were long enough to shave that back hair off.

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