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From Oakland to Sac Town, The Bay Area and Back Down, Cali is Where They Get the Mack Down . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Wednesday, February 14, 2001 --  tigole image

Um, Ouch?

Dozekar the Cursed gets an early dinner. . .LoS

Hrm, well. . .more Temple of Veeshan today, the Halls of Testicles.  We moved through pretty well tonight.  Our first goal was another attempt at Dozekar (see above).  Unfortunately, the dragon came out alive and we ended up very dead.  Now, you're probably thinking Tig, wtf are you posting about some dragon that kicked your ass?  Truth is you don't always win on first attempts.  Sure we kicked Velketor's ass on the first try, Zlandicar on the first attempt, Nexona. . .I'm sure there were others.  But folks, sometimes the shit hits the fan.  And in the Temple of Veeshan there's a whole lot of shit and a whole lot of fans.  Speaking of shit, let's talk about loot.  The best loot we got all night was 13pp.  Not one piece of armor dropped this time.  First we cleared all the mobs around Dozekar -- no drops.  Then we went exploring. . .killed all the way to the next named mobs in the testing area.  No drops.  Some insanely buggy mob AI in the ToV too.  Mobs "charge" when low which I can best describe as randomly warping around while summoning folks.  Uber lame.  While ToV is refreshing from a challenge-seeker's standpoint, the risk-vs.-reward aspect of the zone is pathetic.

So the other news. . and I meant to take pics but I slacked once again.  We finished 3 epic quests on Monday night.  Cyni and Angome both got their Ragebringers and Monq got his Celestial Fists.  Many congrats to them!

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