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This Is My Boomstick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Thursday, February 15, 2001 --  tigole image


Zlandicar, commonly know as our bitch, had to die again today.  I must say that the battle tonight was one of the funnest in a long time.  Basically, to put it short and sweet, we were short-handed.  Well, not exactly short-handed.  When we charged we had 32 people (although one was AFK the entire time) but our class balance was not exactly what you'd call ideal for a fight against Ol' Zland.  Viva Impatience.  Of course, rather than do the wise thing and wait for the proper classes to get through the Ghetto, over to Dragon-opolis, we decided to charge the mo faka.  You've got to love any battle that ends with all the druids and necros asking for Speed of Shissarr so they can do more melee damage as the halflink rogue tanks.  Yes, EQ is fun when you beat the living daylights out of a mob, 0 deaths, piece of cake.  But sometimes those close calls are where it's at.  Like when you run a red light, almost crash head-on with a cop yet he keeps going for some reason.  That was Zlandicar tonight.

So now I gotta report the loot.  Zlandicar's Talisman was well deserved by Oogtuug.  Zland's heart went to the Wizard of Ozus.  Frakadar's Talisman went to Saldor, for true, so. . .Some other stuff dropped.  Oh yes, two of those Pally/SK swords.  One went to my bank and one must have been ninja looted because Polo already had one in his bank.  So WTF??? Who ninja'd the goddamn sword?  Hrm, oh well.  Eventually the sword will turn into a phat stack of peridots.  Yay loot tables. 

Well, I'd update with more info but I am doing my laundry.  Yes, it's 12:30 am at the moment and I'm doing my laundry.  See, I have to do it when I know I wont run into any neighbors.  The last conversation I had with a neighbor from my building ended by me saying, "Fuck you you fat fucking fuck."  I kid you not.  Now I realize, in the grand scheme of insults, that was pretty damned weak but it's the best I could do in my unchecked state of rage.  Then this morning my water turned off.  My upstairs neighbors are redoing their bathroom.  This is the 4th time in 4 weeks they shut the water off.  So I pounded on the ceiling, "Turn on the water you motherfuckers!"  Did I mention the two neighbors upstairs are 70 years old.  The husband had a stroke and can't even talk anymore.  Well, shit, it was early, I was soking wet, shampoo in my hair, no goddamn water. . .I was pissed.  So I yelled.  Anyway, a few hours later I walk into my office and check the messages.  The manager of my building had left a message that there was some plumbing emergency and he had to shut the water off.  Oops.  Sorry upstairs neighbors.  So now you can maybe understand why the only time I can do my laundry is the wee hours of the night.  Sucks too because for the first time in the history of this collection of freaks known as my apartment building a cute girl finally moved in.  Going to be hard to convince her what a sweet and charming young man I am when I go around calling my other neighbors Fat fucking fucks and Motherfuckers.  What does this have to do with Everquest or Legacy of Steel?  Well. . .nothing really.  7 minutes though left on the dryer. . .

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