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Lemme Get Some Action From the Back Section . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Monday, February 19, 2001 --  tigole image

Epic Wizard!

First off, congratulations to Magosian on completing his Wizard Epic Weapon.  No more begging for Kedge or Fear Raids, Mago.  I think the whole guild is breathing a sigh of relief.  Oh wait, we have a lot more wizards. . jeje.  Anyway, Mago worked his ass off to get that weap and it was great when CT finally dropped the skin so that he could finish it.

Zland just doesn't die in front page-friendly poses. . .sigh

In other news. . . .we keeeled Zlandicar again today.  Love fighting that mo faka.  Still fun each time.  People been bitching in our forums that "all we do is keel Zlandicar."  Well first and foremost, go fuck yourself, we don't care.  Then secondly, do you think Sleeper's Keys just magically appear in your inventory?  Not to mention the other loot is pretty damned nice.  Today Valmoon got a Cowl of Mortality, Despie the Slut Ho got Zlandicar's Heart, Medicd was awarded Frakadar's Talisman to complete the cloak/robe quest, and Meggan was awarded the Zlandicar Talisman.  We also got some Gloves.

After Zland, we took a rag tag group into Kael and secured another Shield of Ownage for Necrath.  Orb of the Whatever. . .Orb of the Other-Gimps-Sploit-to-Get-Em-But-We-Use-Good-Ol-Fashioned-Asskicking-to-get-Ours. . .or some name like that.  Quit your bitching and give me haste and clarity bitch.  I'm sure you're a charming fellow.  Loose lip sink ships. . .I think that's how the old axiom goes.

Don't mind me. . .I've been drinking the Old Grandad.  It's President's Day after all.  So we've got a patch coming up.  My money is on the Donal's and Evade nerfs.  Not exactly psyched for either of those.  Of course, they COULD add loot to ToV, they COULD tune mobs according to the nerfs. . .but I seriously doubt they will.  Mostly, I hope they fix the broken /target Tigole function.  Is it me? Or is it halflings. . .or rogues. . .I mean, WTF?  No one can target me. . .I am broken.  And no I'm not hidden or sneaking.  I should STFU before I get nerfed.

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