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Beat It On Down The Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tuesday, June 5, 2001 --  tigole image

Sontalak Slain!

Another First on The Nameless

Ladies and Gents, this dragon was a blast to fight.  A *very* unique encounter compared to most of the other SoV and RoK stuff we're accustomed to.  So earlier today I posted on our Forums that we were going to have to start keeeling Sontalak because the other guilds on the The Nameless have finally discovered the Klandicar is the single biggest poosae on the face of Norrath.  We start putting together a strat thread and people start posting all the l33t sploits they've heard about in IRC and on other message boards.  But rather than try any of those methods, we just decided to see how we did in a straight-up, toe-to-toe with Sontacack.  Needless to say, 35 members of LoS >>>>> Sontalak.

Yesterday I posted what Doze's loot window looked like.  Sontalak's is a bleak comparison:

Those arms are just some shitty AC 16, twink crap.  But we did get the Talisman, what we were after in the first place:

Earlier in the night we perfected the ANTI-Zerg rush.  With 33 people we took down that big lump of shit we all know and love, that's right, Cazic Tool:

CT dropped a Halo and a Cloak.  Pretty soon Halo's are going to be rotting (NO DAMMIT, YOU CANNOT COME LOOT A HALO).

Because Sontalak left us with a lack of phat lootz, I decided to post these Tormax gloves that I told ya about last week:

And here are Moca's boots, the ones I mentioned yesterday:

I had also promised you the result of the big FOUR TEAR QUEST.  Drum Roll Please. . . . .

Lendinara ate the fucking tears -- QUEST BROKEN

(still waiting for my paycheck from QA, Verant)

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Fear the Air-swimming druid!

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