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Sleeper's Tomb Exposed!

Exclusive Tour -- Warning, Spoiler Info

Here it is folks, everything you ever wanted to know about the supposedly, end-all-be-all zone of the Scars of Velious expansion.  That's right I am going to spill the beans on Sleepers Tomb, the zone many will dream about but only a few will ever see.  If you're not one for spoiler sites, I suggest you stop reading now. . .it could forever scar your Everquest experience.  I'm now going to walk you step by step through the amazing zone that is Sleeper's Tomb.

First off you must gather a worthy force.  I suggest a group around 127 or so.  We've cleared the zone with 126 once but it was living hell.  The hardest part is getting your wizards to show up:

Once you get your people gathered, you need to BREAK the zone in.  This is no easy task.  Having 127 people all zone in at one time is risky business for any zone.  Anyway, when you finish loading you have to contend with the first foe of the Tomb, Staticshoutone:

This guy is a real bitch.  If you're not careful, he'll wipe you're entire raid out in less than 5 seconds.  Ok, so once you figure out a l33t strat for owning this fool, you kill some sentries.  Then if you're in the mood to get OWNAGE spells like Shroud of Death or Call of Fire, I suggest killing the Master of the Guard.  If you're running really low on spells you can kill the Progenitor as well.  Amazingly the Prog actually dropped a 2handed poker for Thatia last night.

Here's the Prog fight -- the Prog is that tiny little golem on the left:

Next step is move your 127 people to the library and start killing Gargoyles.  For a fun time pull no less than 3 at once.  If you're lucky, you'll get something like this:

So then you kill a bunch of more shit and wind your way down to the Final Arbitor.  This guy is cake.  All you need is a bard to tank and a ranger to heal:

The Final Arbitor is like the Gate Keeper for the Warders and the big Kahuna, that's right, The Sleeper himself.  So you need a good strat once the FA is dead.  Our strat is this:  126 people wait at the gate, send in one uber Halfling.

You run into this BAD ASS looking mob:

If your Halfling is truly uber enough, he should be able to pull this off (if not send in the 126 back-ups):

I believe that is an EQ first folks, first halfling to solo a Warder.

Ok, now here's the REAL spoiler info.  Once you clear the Warders (should take about 4-5 hours depending on buffs/mana/what's on TV) you're ready for the Sleeper!!  And now. . . for the grand finale. . .I present to you. . . the EPIC battle with the one. . .the only. . . the SLEEPER!

(Click for full size image -- 199k)

Hope you enjoyed my backdoor tour of Sleepers.  I can go to bed feeling a great sense of accomplishment.  I am so glad our guild (pro-CoV) has put in the countless hours to farm keys for this zone.  The rewards are truly excellent.  Nothing gets me hard like fighting Green Triggers for no loot.

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