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Dreadlock Rasta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Saturday, June 30, 2001 --  tigole image

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I shouldn't be able to tower over anyone, especially a motherfucking dragon. . .

Today you'll have to indulge me in a little rant.  I'm sitting here waiting for my ride to show up -- gonna be gone until Sunday night.  But this game just has me thinking right now. . .more like boggling.  Now, we all knew the upgraded North Wing loots were coming.  They *needed* to be upgraded.  Crap was dropping for the effort required to kill that stuff.  But the reason they upgraded was for balance right?  All of what I have to say is null and void if you disregard the notion of balance.  Please work with me here, Pro-Giant people, I put up with your months of whining -- I even backed you up.  Now look at things from a Pro-CoV perspective.

We're stuck with one goddamned "boss mob" in ToV. Dozekar the Gimped.  Perhaps if we still had the "old Doze" to contend with I wouldn't be so anxious to post this rant.  By Old Doze, some of you actually know what I am talking about.  For those of you who have no clue what I am saying, please go back to Karnors and continue to bask in your clueslessness.  Basically, Dozekar is or will be the Venril Sathir of late Kunark -- a.k.a Clusterfuck Mob of the Expansion.  The symbols from the named drakes are an equal dick in the ass.  Let's not even look at this from a loot perspective for a minute.  From an excitement-thrill-of-the-kill perpective we get the shaft.  Pro-Giant people have Telk, Goz, Lenidara, Lord Vyemm, Vulak, etc etc etc etc to kill.  More boss mobs then there is time in the day.  Now, don't be a cacksugger and say to me, "Well, you have Statue, Vind, Tormax."  How bout fucking Yelinak and all of Skyshrine?  How bout a 3 month head start on Sleepers?

Anyway, Pro-Dragon people want THINGS TO KEEEL.  I don't care about the goddamned loot.  The ToV quest loot is going to be so rare, it doesn't matter anyway.  We're lucky to complete 3 quests out of 4 Dozekar kills right now (4 doze spawns = 1 month).  What happens a few months from now when other guilds are Doze-capable?  It's a fucking joke -- and even Pro-Giant people know it is.

Here are the solutions I feel would best address this gross imbalance:

A)  Dozekar drops LOOT in addition to tears.  And please, give us old Doze back.  Likewise, the named drakes drop 4-8 symbols each time.  These should spawn every 3 days AT LEAST, including Doze.

B)  Add some loot to the named drakes -- buff them up.   Make them hard mo fakas. . .make them so hard it makes farming armor virtually impossible with them up.  Give them random drops like those that exist in North ToV.

C)  Remove the faction from North ToV.  Give Telk, Lendinara and Gozz in the West Wing Dozekar-equivalent loot (so the Pro-Giant people don't bust a nut whining).  Pro-Giant gets 3 dragons, Pro-CoV gets 1, everyone has a shot at the North Wing mobs.  This is the best option in my opinion.

D) If you're going to be a bunch of cacksuggers and not let us hunt in North ToV, put Doze and the HoT mobs on +Guardians of Veeshan and +Claws of Veeshan faction.  This is the worst option but at least you'd be throwing us the small bone of being able to get a shot at PoM.  Sure there's nothing more than a minor fascination with PoM, but we can pass our time there while waiting 7 days for Dozekar to spawn and drop his 2 tears.

E) You're not going to give us anything more to kill in ToV? Fine. . .give us Undead Kael or some shit.  Or add 10 BOSS level mobs to Kael with HUGE faction hits so Pro-Giant people stay the fuck away.  Make sure to load them with 12/16 daggers and 14/18 whips. . .ac 90 breastplates while you're at it.  Sounds fair now, right?

Make me God of Everquest and I choose OPTION C (although E sounds pretty fun too).

Right now, VI has created two choices:  1) Go Pro-Giant, get fat loots, face many challenges. or 2) Go Pro-Dragon, farm fat loots. . .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ok I am done ranting.  I don't want you Pro-Giant bitches coming and whining to me on our messageboards.  I never called for any nerf.  What I am asking for is for CoV to be MORE DIFFICULT as a matter of fact.  There is more to balance then just placing *nice items* in different locations.

There's my rant.  Of course, this is MY opinion not necessarily that of anyone in my guild.  And like I said, before accusing me of merely whining, look at things from my perspective first.

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