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Finally the Name Makes Sense

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Posting pictures of dead Dozekars gets old after awhile.  Well, I got a lot of responses to my rant about factions.  First off, thanks to the many who supported me on various forums.  To those who said things like, "Why don't you just switch" I'd like to offer this class in Reading Comprehension:

I quote myself:  All of what I have to say is null and void if you disregard the notion of balance.

I love those suggestions, "Just switch."  No fucking shit, sherlock.  Like we're not on the verge of doing just that.  What I was attempting to do was have those "in power" re-evaluate the factions in this game so that perhaps the game OVERALL would be better for EVERYONE.  Tough concept for some.

Ok, not in the mood to rant tonight.  Had a nice relaxing 4th of July on the beach.  Although someone please explain why the water in California is friggin 40 degrees, not to mention that disturbing brown hue.  I guess none of this matters here on an Everquest webpage.  We only care about ph4t l3wtz right?  Ok here's some ph4t l3wtz for you all to peruse:

Request of the Strong Completed!

Yes, finally the "broken quest" is unbroken.  Thanks to Vald for giving us the head's up that the quest had finally been fixed.  Mask is pretty nice.  Not so nice when you think about the fact that it requires 4 tears and Doze only drops 2-3 tears now.  Nothing like taking 30+ people two weeks minimum to get one person a mask.

Anyway, I'm proud to say LoS was the first to complete the majority of Dozekar quests.  For a short while we were actually proud that we stuck to our faction path.  Someone had to discover this shit right?  Well, there are only a few more challenges left for us within our reach on this faction.  Unless something changes drastically soon, it's not hard to figure out what we'll be gunning for next.  Farming l3wtz just doesn't get my nipples hard.

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