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Get a Fucking Clue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Thursday, November 8, 2001 --  tigole image

Words cannot express how angry I am.

So we're sitting in North ToV after having just killed Lord Vyemm, the hardest dragon there, trying to decide who to award the ownage GLOVES and the nice DAGGERS (2 daggers I might add) when all of the sudden we go conveniently linkdead.  Upon trying to log back in I receive the, "This Zone Unavailable" message.  Uh oh, I think.  This cannot be good.  Sure enough, I finally log back in and get raped by Lady Miranella and her two pets.  How odd. . .I could remember killing Lady Miranella just a few hours before. . .Of course it's in my log files, we even have the loot fresh off her corpse.  As is the Vyemm kill.  ALL the other dragons but Vulak were dead.

Well, sure things seem shitty at that point right?  But of course there is a GM staff to handle such problems.  Easy enough right?  But WAIT!! That would involve a GM actually being present on The Nameless.  Well, after about 30 minutes of bitching in chat we finally get a GM to show up.  How is Verant's FINE customer service going to fix this problem?  They decide we're all entitled to a GM res at the zone in!!!!  How fucking SWEET of them.  We have 2 hours before another patch (way to fucking go QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT on that awesome test of the Patch!!!! Wow lasted a whole, what, 9 hours?).  So we're fucked.  We're supposed to re-kill the entire North Wing Spawn for the Vulak loot we had just worked all that time to get?  Un-fucking-believable.

Am I pissed that 3 items of Vyemm loot (good fucking loot for once too) poofed with the rest of the zone?  Hell yes.  Am I pissed that we were 10 minutes from killing Vulak and instead of getting 3 GODLY items we all got GM resses?  Fuck yes.  Am I pissed that I got kicked out of chat for asking for a GM to show up in the first place? You bet your ass.

We have proven that we are some of VI's top supporters through the amount of time we spend playing this fucked up game.  Not only that but our website and our exploits are 100 percent free PR for VI and their game, Evertest.  Well fuck you VI.  Anyone who is reading this who has never played EQ -- DON'T.  VI has no fucking clue how to treat it's most hardcore fans.  They don't deserve a dime of your money.  Loyalty and dedication apparently amounts to spit in the eye from Verant.  Way to fucking go.