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Get Crazy With the Cheese Wiz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Wednesday, November 28, 2001 --  tigole image

The Night of Suck

Could we have screwed up anymore?  I don't think so.  Yet somehow Vulak ends up dead. . .

Prelude to the Suck

We begin to clear to Aaryonar from the zone in.  Someone misses a snare on a drake and it runs, agroing 9 mobs that all come back to the group.  Boom.  Instant wipe out.

Starting Off on the Wrong Suck

So we recover and move to the Aaryonar pull spot.  The Aaryonar pull consists of the dragon training right on to the casters, hitting them all with the AE.  Along with Aaryonar comes a Flurry Drake.  We somehow managed to get Aaryonar to half with the Flurry Drake and no mana but it was a losing cause so we experienced our first ever Aaryonar loss.

To Suck or Not to Suck -- it wasn't even in question. . .

Time for the Feshlak pull!  Feshlak comes with both of his pets.  We then proceed to push Feshlak up and over the stairs (impossible to get to unless Feshlak summons you).  Feshlak summons our main tank up onto the stairs, OOR from healing, yet close enough to agro the TWO blue chealing drakes at the bottom of the stairs.  Yes, that's right -- for the price of ONE Feshlak pull you too can get TWO pets, TWO chealing drakes and an AE'ing dragon!  All you have to do is suck nuts!

Amazingly, in a fleeting moment of unsuck, we somehow won that fight.

The Sucking Continues

Kriezen gets pulled with a Glimmer Drake, and two pets.  The main tank dies instantly.  The tank mez died instantly.  That's right folks, it doesn't get any more uber than a Kriezen wipe-out.  You know you have mastered the Art of Suck when you end up dead to Kriezen.

So there ended the night of suck.  What was truly funny about it all was that we had some crazy number like 50 with us.  People started getting pissed and logging off.  So I was actually nervous about Vyemm for the first time since our first Vyemm kills.  I'm thinking, goddamn we just Fubar'd Kriez, how the fuck are we supposed to kill Vyemm.  But alas our Vyemm and Vulak kills were textbook and everyone was back to looking like the guild I know and love.  For all you guilds out there who are just SO bored of the normal routine of farming uber mobs, I highly recommend you try out a night of suck for some added entertainment!!

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