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Midnight Is Where the Day Begins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Wednesday, March 13, 2002 --  tigole image

Holy Suck!

Well, Ring of Thule pretty much sucked too. . .

Everquest guild webpages are supposed to be about "0wn3rizing l33t shiznit" and what not.  This is the part where I am supposed to brag about how cool we are, how many things we killed, how great the loot was all the while implying everyone else sucks, are a bunch of gimps or exploiters.  Well, unfortunately, we here at LoS have been hit with a rash of suck.  I don't know what happened really.  We're blaming Desp for the suck -- you should too.

The first sign was the suck loot.  We'd raid for a night and have ALL the loot rot after killing 3-4 uber mobs.  So it was then that we got a taste for the suck.  Then we killed the burrower beast (which was very unsuck).  The burrower encounter is one of our favorites -- hard but not too hard, but still the possibility exists that you just might fuck up and end up good and dead. Add to that the fact that we've always gotten nice loot out of it and you know why we like it.  Apparently, the burrower now drops up to 4 items instead of the usual 1.  Normally, I'd think this was a good thing considering that for the encounter you really do need a mid to large sized raid.  You wont be hearing about too many 24-30 person burrower kills (at least not for a few weeks).  So it makes sense that this cacksugger worm drops more than one thing:

Now I know some of you are gonna tell me how cool that ring is.  But the truth is, if you ask me (and well you didn't but I write the goddamned webpage so deal with it) it sucks.  Why does this ring suck?  Well, anyone who is capable of doing the burrower spawn has probably killed Vulak numerous times, can kill the AoW or is close, can do the Ring War and is capable of killing the numerous other "uber" mobs.  The majority of casters in our guild would prefer a Ring of Destruction, Crystasia's Ring, a Ring of Sky or a Dain Ring to this.  Shit, even Ring of Shissar is better.  Yeah yeah yeah yeah it has Flowing Thought.  But because it lacks HP or Mana, the FT II seems kind of insignifigant.  This thing is really second tier loot off a first tier mob right now.  I don't know -- seems like all it's lacking to make it really nice are a few hit points, some mana or else an increase in the FT value beyond the mere II it has now.  Casters should want a burrower ring more than a ring that drops in Fungus Grove off of exp mobs -- don't ya think?

Right about now half the people just stopped reading so they can write their l33t Tigole flame in the General Forum telling me how awesome this ring is, how it doesn't suck, how I am the devil and for me to stop whining.  Fine, whatever.  You gotta trust me on this one though.  Once you are actually capable of routinely killing this mob, this loot ain't gonna meant jack or shit to you.  And the rogue dagger that dropped is second tier too.  Yeah, it's an AWESOME rogue dagger -- please spare me the song and dance.  But for anyone killing burrower beast, it ain't a high priest dagger, it ain't a vulak dagger and it ain't a tunare dagger.  See where I am going with this?  Probably not.

Like I said, getting suck loot was the first sign of trouble.  Next thing you know, the suck simply rubbed off on us.  We went from absolutely destroying stuff just last week, to spending half our time at our bind points.  First sign of trouble was a High Priest raid gone bad.  The encounter is pretty fuggin hard now, for those of you who have not tried it.  It wasn't exactly cake before.  Well, we get everyone up there and they are doing just fine.  We had around 40 people, about 10-20 people shy of what I would ideally like for that raid but oh well, you do the best with what ya got, right?  So like a total dumbass, I allow for agro transfer to get to from the High Priest, through the golem room, to my guild.  What does this mean? Cliff notes please?  This means there are a shitload of mobs on AUTO pull to my guild and it's pretty much my fucking fault for being a dumbass.  Nothing like getting 40 of your good friends Karl Mallowned late at night and wasting their evening on a long CR.  That was s-u-c-k at it's finest with no one to blame but myself.

So the next day rolls around and the tells start rolling in that the Idol of Rallos Zek is up.  Looks like the ol' Idol is bugged and training on Arena groups so it's our job to come kill it.  Well, I wish I could give some excuse but we just flat out sucked on the AoW.  I mean he just bent us over -- it wasn't even close.  We die, we re-group, we pull again.  Actually had a fairly decent second run at him at until about 40 percent and then the shit just hits the fan again.  So dying to the AoW really sucked.  Dying twice was uber suck.  We decide to go to Ssrae and kill the Arch Lich cause after all he is the biggest joke around, right?  Next thing you know we train 8 Crypt Guardians on the guild which was pretty much a wipe out.  Then we lose to the Arch Lich somehow.  Yes that's right.  You heard it here first.  WE LOST TO THE GODDAMN ARCH LICH.  How?  I honestly do not know. . .How did Sweden lose to Belarus?  Who fucking knows but shit happens right?

At this point I start getting angry.  Not at anyone but myself.  So I go AFK and decide to start a load of laundry -- you know, do something productive, get away from the pure suck that is happening in EQ.  Well, I break the fucking washing machine instead.  Then I go to get my mail (because I have to do laundry and get my mail past midnight since I call my neighbors names like "fat fucking fuck" to their faces making neighborly chit-chat at the mailbox or in the laundry room rather awkward) and there by the mailbox the landlord hangs a sign that reads something like, "Required By Law of the State of California:  This area is known to contain chemicals that cause cancer and reproductive harm."  Or some such consumer-doomsday nonsense.  Good fucking god!!  What chemicals are in the goddamn mailbox?  Why of all days did the motherfucker have to hang the sign during the week of suck?  What is happening?

I guess I got off the subject.  Wait correction, I don't think I was ever on subject.  If it makes anyone feel better -- your heroes, Legacy of Steel (yes it's our webpage goddamnit) -- managed to kill the Arch Lich in a Flawless victory. . .well, flawless except for Despim's two suck-ass pets who died.  So hopefully the victory at the end of the night was a sign that we are now done with our sucking and can go back to being uber, being porn stars, and getting phat lewtz.  That also means that the rest of you who aren't in our guild can go back to being gimps and exploiters.  That's how it works right?  Please recognize my sarcasm -- I am apparently dying slowly to mysterious mailbox chemicals.

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