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Waiting For Someone or Something To Show You The Way . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sunday, June 9, 2002 --  tigole image

Our Fearful Trip Is Done

Yo yo yo freaks and lovers.  So gathering from my *colorful* emails I gather some of you have missed reading the site?  Shall we review some of the emails that have popped up in my inbox since the last update?  Oh lets!

First, we have this gem which was simply titled, "Update Me":

you fucking slut! it's been almost 15days since you last played with me!
update you sloot! hell websites don't have a way to talk to you in game so
we e-mail you!
now fucking update cause people need there fix, many like to jerk of to me
and your cramping mystyle!
you have 3days from this e-mail to update me or you can find a new website

my account the got fucked over by paypal>

Next comes, "Tigole bro":

need an update bro, i havent been able to laugh since i saw Triumph dog shit from Conan make fun of those nerds waiting and dressed up for star wars (no offense if ya were one of those ppl lol) . So what im trying to say is i need an update so i can read some funny shit. Im getting sick of Fuckin FoH and their gay updates.

P.S. Make it Good For Taking So F'ing Long hahaha Jk bro
later Man and good luck in RL
The ever so creative, "UPDATE THE LOS SITE PLEASE" email reads as such:
Then we have one of my favorites, "Hello Sir", which contains the following message:
My name is Tigole
And I am a fucking fag who doesn't update the goddamn Mo-Fuckin site anymore.
Thxs, Move along now.
Ok, next on deck is "Tigole" which simply says:
So much love. . .and last but not least, let's not forget about, "UPDATE THE MOTHER FUCKING SITE YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE" which contains this message inside:
So I figured it was about time to update the webpage.  The truth is you wont be seeing many more, if any, updates from me.  I will do my best to sneak one in here or there when time permits but for all intents and purposes this may well be the last update I do here.  No need to worry folks, I am currently working on the next update crew which will provide all of you freaks and social mifits plenty of good reading while at work, home or the computer room in Bellevue Hospital.
For those of you who don't know, I hardly play Everquest anymore.  When I switched jobs, my hours also changed, and the way things work now, I am never online during the *normal* raid hours of Legacy of Steel.  In fact, I don't even have much time to log in any more regardless.  I am lucky if I can log in at all.  As a result I have also stepped down as leader of the guild.  There are only a few people I'd wager in all of EQ who understand what it takes to run a guild like Legacy of Steel.  Sure there is a plethora of guilds out there.  But very few function and succeed at the level of Legacy of Steel.  A guild like ours cannot succeed with a leader who is not online.  I realize this.  The last thing I wanted to do was run the guild into the ground by being a non-presence.  So I stepped down to make room for new leadership so the guild could move forward without me.  There are far too many talented, skilled mo fakas in LoS to force them to wait around till their slacker leader could log in.
But don't get your hopes up, homies, I'm not quite quitting EQ just yet.  I still have far too many friends on The Nameless to stop logging in.
Speaking of logging in, I hadn't been able to get online for a week and when I finally had a minute of free time I decided to play EQ.  So I log onto the Nameless and found my character standing at the zone in to Ssra Temple.  I say hi to everyone in guildchat. . they were off somewhere raiding.  Two seconds later Pain and Suffering strikes me.  I die instantly.  Wow, cool, I think to myself.  That's a neat new "feature". . .instant death to anyone who doesn't log in for over a week.  I petition for a GM res since I died to NOTHING standing at the ZONE IN.  While I am waiting for a GM to get back to me the guild gets engaged in some big Ragefire drama (you know that *fixed* spawn that no longer has any problems).  After waiting for hours for no GM res, not even a response from a guide, I go to ME to camp the VT shard with Rhap.  That was my *fun* night of EQ.  Somehow it seemed almost poetic to me that the one night I was able to play in weeks was spent a) dying to NOTHING b) not getting any customer service c) Ragefire Drama d) VT shard camp.  Fun, fun, fun.  When will it ever stop!
Now, I realize some of you are just bursting with curiosity, wondering how I've been spending my time since I am not putting much of it into EQ.  Well, I work.  Lots.  I come home late at night and watch midnight World War II documentaires and listen to Pink Floyd.  Then I sleep.  Then I work more.  Then I work some more.  Then I log into EQ and die to nothing,  Then work some more.
But today I have off!  So I decided to spend some quality time with all my friends here at legacyofsteel.net.  After this I think I'll sit on the patio and listen to some Bob and drink a beer.  That's how retired EQ heroes spend their time, right?  Who knows, maybe I'll even log onto The Nameless and kill some shit later. . .
Before I wrap this up I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated on our forums, sent me email and a special thanks to all the Stalkers.  The Stalkers ranged from psychotic prison rapists, to closet comedians, to deranged lunatics and I loved every last one of them.  I feel truly lucky that I was fortunate enough to get to speak with so many people from so many different servers.  After all, what makes EQ great is the people -- the community.  And I feel like I got to experience more of the community than anyone else who ever played this game.  I hope you guys had as much fun as I did participating in this site.  And don't worry, like I said earlier, I promise to deliver a crew who will continute the tradtion of legacyofsteel.net.  Goddamn, I read other EQ websites and they are such hack, wanna-be's of this site it's pathetic.  From my own server to servers I never knew existed, I see people ripping this site off and doing a lousy job of it.  So fear not, faithful LoS readers, we will soon rescue you from the masses of wanna-be's out there.  Shit, even my wanna-be's have wanna-be's. . .
Lastly, I want to say a special thanks to everyone in the guild.  I posted a message to everyone in our private forums but I just want to say publicly what a special group of people you are.  You guys are truly the only reason I'll ever click that "connect" button again.
So good luck everyone.  Although you won't see much of me around anymore in EQ, you sure as hell haven't seen the last of Tigole Bitties.
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Nice of you to log in from the Golf Course to say hi, Vlade
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