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Don't Hear Your Wicked Words Every Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Thursday, August 29, 2002 --  tork image
Upon Further Review Of The Play

After appeals and discussions, tonight the Legacy of Steel officers had their suspensions lifted after approximatly 2 days of time served. The circumstances surrounding the situation have been resolved, at least to some degree.

I want to thank everyone for the wild support we received, it is a large part of why this issue came to a head - Woody and many, many others have asked what exactly happened - to which I've had to respond with some degree of vagueness. To be clear, this isn't due to any sort of cover up from our perspective and yes, I am aware of appearances, however I'm not going to disclose an exact chain of events while members of the guild are in discussions with VI - after this is completely resolved, yes, but I am not willing to impinge upon any current appeals and/or dialog just to sate a Usenet troll (or even cool guys like Woody, who are willing and able to see things from both sides).

Suffice it to say none of the alleged means the GM stated were used - in point of fact, player gflux is disabled in that zone and if you must know, the pull did not and does not involve a monk whatsoever. Moving on, the Warders were down when we did the pull as the previous day we'd bounced CoH around VT to kill their parent mobs, thereby despawning each appropriate Warder. The random key nonsense is just that - the keys are no rent but it is merely an exercise in annoyance to nurse them via corpse or decess/CoH to get the needed one every 55 mins in the case of any Key Drama™... we've done it both ways~

Pulling mini-Aten to goo room in Vex Thal is exactly analogous to what has been the de facto standard for pulling the Dain from his spawn point to the pit in Thurg B for 18+ months: aggro transfer leads to the mob warping vice explicit pathing to the character, that is the mob will appear suddenly on top of and/or immediately adjacent to the aggro character vice running towards the character.

With regards to what happened prior to the GM appearing, the guild CoH'd to the goo room and staged in one of the small annexes. A player acquired mini-Aten on target and proceeded to aggro her - and not by any of the means the GM alleges. We actually wiped out the first attempt as multiple mobs warped down in addition to mini-Aten and we were unprepared - things are not 100% certain in VT and there is real risk and certain death on each pull, regardless of means. On the second attempt, mini-Aten was solo and we executed a near flawless kill, the only problem being some odd lag which allowed the main tank to die once. At any rate, the GM /killed (despawned) the mob with less than 1% health remaining, and after which you can read the web page and log for what transpired. Had the GM actually witnessed the pull, it would not be possible for him to even voice such as the events were plainly visible to even the most casual observer, again, however I'm not prepared to disclose the exact method as our officers are still in dialog with VI.

That being said, I was extremely angry and frustrated over what I saw as sheer ignorance writ large and the people left to suffer the consequences were my guildmates and friends. As I posted before in our private section: I'm from The South, we could make a sailor blush saying good morning so it's no surprise I fired off a myriad of fuck you's, however, in retrospect, the personal insults/2 inch cock thing were excessive, even then - but I stand by the crux of my post: we got hosed and customer service at VI is in dire need of an attitude adjustment.

To the good guys at VI CS, and there are some, I apologize for casting my scathing net too far - I certainly don't mean to imply everyone there, especially the guides who work under extremely demanding circumstances, volunteering their time to make this a better environment to game, is worthy of scorn, and to Blixtev, I offer an apology - I was out of line with some of my comments on the personal level - that was uncalled for by any standard.

It is my hope we can put stuff like this behind us all and move forward with the lines of communication now, in some part, open among players, VI and the CS department. Our common goal is to play this game and have fun.

Stalkers, Wanna-be's and Unoriginal Bastards

Regular update tomorrow - I still love my crew of stalkers in a non-gay way.

PS: Dodging the namefilter and GM's gets you bonus points.

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