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Things Could Be So Different Now, It Used To Be So Civilized . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Monday, September 23, 2002 --  tork image

Legacy of Steel members vie for party nomination in Nameless '02 Presidential Campaign.

NAMELESS - MONDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2002 - It is with great excitement Legacy of Steel formally declares the Legacy of Steel Primary underway. Three members have announced candidacy in the primary,

  • Voronwe Thundercat

  • This post will serve the purpose of allowing YOU, the voters of Norrath, to know what kind of a leader I am, and the changes I hope to make.

    Earlier in the year, I noticed an influx in the use of the term "PST" meaning Please Send Tell. Not only was this annoying to read over and over, but it was entirely unnecessary. I mean, is someone gonna come ring your doorbell or send a fax? After discussion with others, I came to the conclusion that all this PST business started when cross server transfers were introduced. Not only was this plague being perpetuated by scum, but it was scum from OTHER SERVERS.

    So, I started a campaign to help fight this plague and get it off the nameless before it influenced some of our newer players. Reevex of all people joined this campaign, and the battle rages on today. While victory is not yet ours, there are programs in place, and some I would propose if elected to help the fight. More on that later.

    1. CLERIC EPIC ISSUES - I've heard from some residents that classes that aren't clerics have been farming the shards needed for the epic and SELLING them. This simply won't be tolerated by me or my administration. Part of the solution will be asking them to leave, and if it keeps up, repeated training. This simply won't be tolerated. Cleric epics help us all. I hope helping clerics will help to allow the community to become closer and there will be more free rezzes for all.

    2. CLOCKWORK HORSES - it's been suggested that gnomes should have clockwork horses. While gnomes will still be near the bottom of the class and social structure under my leadership, this is something I would look into and likely seek.

    3. TRADE CHANNEL SCANDAL - While my administration has no official stance on this issue yet, we will look into it and seek something we can all agree on. While it seems bad, Jangos is doing great work on the anti-PST front.

    4. REEVEX AS VP - if elected, I will offer the title of vice president to Reevex and Minister of Trade to Jangos.

    5. ROLEPLAYERS - I feel that roleplayers are an important part of our community and would set up a "roleplay friendly environment" - possibly in an arena.

    6. NEW ANTI-PST MOVEMENT - One option is to NOT BUY ports or items from people use the term PST. Another option is to offer more money if they remove it from hotkeys. The other day I paid a druid 200pp for a port and removal. Her inital asking price for port (with PST attached to the auction) was 75pp. Community involvement is KEY here.

    ALL changes I make will be with committees. I will use valued members of the community in all decisions I make.

    I feel I have the experience and drive to deal with any future problems.

    I suggest that a debate be held for all the candidates. It could be done in EQ in an election channel or on NT.

  • Mudcrush Durtfeet

  • Me is ANNOUNCING me candi... candi... uh wut me do...




    IF someone else win me will eet dem, and all der supporters will be taken to Oggok and eeten.

    As soon as me loyal fellow ogres catch him, Reevex will be luggage. So don't waste votes on lizurd.


    1) Me will make Jangos in charge of complaints.

    2) We will barsh ALL da frogloks.

    3) Many ogres will be fed the peoples we can catch.

    4) Me will not eet anyone dat vote for me.

    5) Joboba will be Vice President in charge of female attire and cosmetics.(tork explained about dis to me, he very gay bard).

    5) All womans will grow tusks.

    4) Voronwe will be eeten.

    image Ogres will go everywhere and remake towns like Oggok. BIG rocks.

    9) We will start halflink farms.

    uh me forget wut number next.

    14) We will eet all da gnomes, enough for EVERYONE.

    Me have long history of Oggok diplomat, me have eaten many fellow diplomats sent to Oggok.

    Vote for ogre Rhap. Me ogre bard, but not gay.

    Me make sure all grammar very gud and spelling also yes. PST.

  • Jangos _

  • I am becoming a cantidate for pres as of this point.

    This is what I will promise the People of Norrath.

    1) Bad Typing, Ill keep on typing poorly.

    2) Abuse of Power, not only will I continue to harass, disrupt, and be a general jackass, but will also begin to abuse my power as pres, if i can figure out a way.

    3) NAMELESS TREASURY: YES we need a nameless treasury, to go to programs like S.T.F.U.(Superhealerrs Trust Fund for Uberloots) and S.T.F.U.(Superloherrs Trust Fund for Uberloots) With my new renovative programs I promise a chicken in every pot, and a Fungi on every twink, or at least mine.

    4) Ill bomb canada

    5) Foriegn relations. This server is every much a TW server as it is an english speaking one. I am fluent in many forms of Taiwanese, to keep the peace between the DCers Vips and the rest of those sploiting duping zerging assholes, with the rest of us.

    6) Since alot of people like both Voronwe and Reevex, Ill make them Cabinet members, Reevex will be in charge of bombing canada too.

    7) Public Relations, dont you hate it when you have a pres who just never seems to be around when you need him(aka Marck) NOT ME, every night for a little while you can find me in trade spreading warmth and goodwill with my Trade Channel fireside chats.

    image I will open up buff stations and pass out dragon loots to newbies in the arena.

    9) I am not lying about any of this

    10 specially bout canada

A joint Primary-Presidential debate will be scheduled in #nameless.trade during primetime usage hours as soon as all candidates reach a common consensus regarding debate form and decorum.

Watch for news from the Legacy of Steel Press Office - full election coverage all this week (plus the usual GM antics)!

The Press Office would like to point out all spelling and typographical errors are intentional and reflect the original fucktards' quote(s).

Stalkers, Wanna-be's and Unoriginal Bastards

Stalkers have sent me some really fucked up stuff before - my email inbox is a veritable DMZ between EQ and a prison stint, but every once in a while I get something that, for whatever reason, really weirds me out - but this - this is beyond anything I've seen before... this scared me in a way Mapplethorpe could only dream:

gnome sex party in PoP
gnome sex party in PoP

I'm speechless - really, how could one follow that up?

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