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 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Monday, April 11, 2005 --  Telegareth image
Legacy of Steel is still going strong. After the previous WoW and EQ2 losses, I've found that most guilds are in a state of rebuilding and/or stagnation. While some will wither and die, we here at Evil Empire, Inc. won't let a little thing like small raid numbers hold us back.

After being the first guild on server in Anguish back in October, it's been quite some time getting everyone flagged back into Anguish so we can do some damage to the mobs there. Needless to say, after some rebuilding, it didn't take us long to fire up the old John Deer and begin to farm our good friends Ture, Harrier, and Hanvar. But we aren't just harvesting from Anguish, oh no. There is this whole new Dragons of Norrath expansion to plow through as well. From everyone here at Legacy of Steel, we would like to say "You are welcome" to The Nameless for opening up the Nest for your xp needs.

I'd show pictures, but html is still > me, anyone know a good free html editor? email me and let me know.

At any rate, as i've been looking over the class re-invisioning and peeking at different class' top-ten lists, i've come to the conclusion that there isn't a "Game-wide" top ten list. Seeing as how everyone will have different things that should be on that list, I've decided to offer my own, Top Five list of things that I feel should be addressed, sooner rather than later.

Tele's Top Five Fixes:
1. After five years, i've really always wondered why I must loot each individual item on my corpse. It's highly annoying, can't say that it serves much purpose other than to annoy me.
2. If I can add someone to an expedition across zones, and I can add someone to a task across zones, don't you think it's time i should be able to invite someone to a group or a raid across zones?
3. Along with #2 above, if i can invite a person across zones, wouldn't it be nice if a mage could "Call of the Hero" across zones? Make it an AA ability with 30-minute recast or something, would be nice to add those latecomers to raids without having to resort to super raid gymnastics.
4. I'd like to see more encounters designed with class balance in mind, not make encounters where some raid members are better off just standing around waiting for loot to be called. You want this to be fun, so let everyone have fun, not just a specific few, while the rest miraculously transform into cheerleaders. I can't find the "Summon: Pom-pom" item in game yet.
5. Change the dartboard used for itemization these days. I think there is a magnet behind the "3".

That's it for this update, join us next time when hopefully i'll have mastered the use of pictures! I've given up hope on the english language or grammar, so no need to worry about those anymore.