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If a picture paints a thousand words.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Monday, May 30, 2005 --  Telegareth image
We have pictures!

That picture shows something we've been playing with since Prathun posted that the fix was live.

That is what happens after a little experimentation by the R&D department of Evil Empire, Inc. We didn't have a full raid, were a bit dubious about our chances, but decided to go ahead and do it anyway. Was a great way to start the Holiday weekend.

What was our secret? What special powers did the R&D department come up with for this win?

Fight fire with fire.

So, what else have we been up to lately? Well, our hardworking gnomes are working up something special for Overlord Mata Muram, but in the meantime, we've been running the through Anguish and DoN collecting lewts.

A sampling is below:

But, i'm still not used to taking screenshots every hour, or even every day, so lots of junk was missed.


In other news, the folks over at Sony Online Entertainment are going to be hosting another "summit" days before the official Fan Faire to most likely discuss the most important aspect of the game we enjoy so much: Class Balancing. Of all the issues that the developers have to deal with on a daily basis, class balancing is probably the most difficult, and the most important. You can create new events, fiddle with loot, but nothing impacts everyone that plays the game more than how their chosen class interacts with both the other player characters and the game world itself.

While I can sit here on my ivory pedestal and bemoan the fact that itemization is a bit screwy, and Gravity Flux hasn't been changed back to actually throw mobs in the air, i can at least look forward to hopefully some significant steps forward in the whole class balance issue. The major problem as I see it is that we as the player base do not know what the developers think each class should be, where it should fit, and what it should be able to accomplish. While each class has it's members that always seem to come up with some idea which would imbue that class with super-hero like powers, i'd just like to know what the people that be think. Is that too much to ask? I'm not liking the one-way street aspect of information exchange.

Tele's Top Five:

1. Armor Graphics - We need new ones. Why my wizard without the weapon and shield looks the same as she did when she dinged 60 in Old Sebilis is beyond me. The last new armor graphics were introduced in Velius. I think it's time for some new looks. Take a bit of that increased monthly fee and hire some artists, already.

2. Character Animations - I'm not talking the /shrug, /nudge, /smile, /applaud crap that just eats up video memory, i'm talking about my warrior weilding a 2 handed blunt weapon poking a mob. I'm talking about hitting something with the off-hand weapon that looks like you are hitting a bass drum with a mallet. I'm talking about the kick animation looking more like that of a dog about to water a tree than someone getting a size 6 in the jimmies. This is why EverQuest will be a first-person view game, it simply looks like crap from 3rd person.

3. I need the vendor in the guildhall to sell gems, you know reagents and things we use as a guild during raids. Does anyone still use Iron Rations and Water Flasks?

4. Buying in-game stuff for real-life cash is stupid. Profiteering from it is worse.

5. For the love of whatever deity you worship make the target box on corpses larger. Yes, your mobs look neato, all 5 of them, but when they are dead, and I go to loot the body, I'm sick and tired of having to run around so i can click on the soles of feet or on the crotch to be able to get anything off the bod. Do all mobs hide their cash and goodies in their crotches? Killing a mob is less stressful than finding the correct spot on a corpse to click to get the loot. Something is amiss here and needs to be fixed.

Got anything you would like to share for the Top Five list? email Telegareth or go visit our boards and post something for me and I'll keep it for the next update list.

Never fear, R&D is on the job!