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Depths of Darkhollow? Who comes up with these names? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sunday, July 24, 2005 --  Telegareth image
I've been receiving many complaints over the past month, wondering where the update is. Well, to be honest, there are two things that kept me from just scribbling something down just to get an update out. First of all, I've been rather busy with work, picking up some additional duties that I didn't particularly want, but I'm a team player, so I put in some extra time to help out. So I really haven't had the time to really put the effort that updating this site really deserves lately. Now that that minor crisis has passed, I will try to update on a more frequent and regular basis for those of you who still come to stare at our page, hoping for a special mystery update from Tigole or Tork.

Unfortunately, you are stuck with me and my wandering mind.

So, what was the second reason for not having an update?

This bastard was still alive. Through many bumps and bruises, some trendy drama over clicks, intelligence, television, music, Adult ADD, and general malaise which strikes the Evil Empire every now and again, the R&D Department of Evil Empire, Inc. kept us pushing harder until all we had left was our level of execution. The plan was there, we only had to implement it. Through sheer determination, soothing of bruised egos, patching up some wounded pride, we were able to bring about the demise of one of the ugliest mobs I have ever encountered in EverQuest. I thought Cazic Thule's pile of poop look was ugly, or the evil clown head of Innoruuk, but no, they come up with something that looks like an amalgamation of every ugly mob you've ever seen.

So, without further ado, I present you with the fallen Overlord.

I'm quite proud of the way The Evil Empire had come back from the brink of extinction to once again claim the top seat on the Nameless server. After spending most of December and January rebuilding and limited to farming RCoD, WoS, RSS, and MPG trials, we continually pushed till we were not just back into Anguish, but once again killing the big stuff first on server. One thing that I've learned over the past 9 months is that the names may change on our roster, but the determination to be the best will never be removed from those who wear our guildtag.

So now it's time to rev up the John Deere and farm till the next expansion is released, when we can move forward with more stable ground beneath our feet.


But this past month hasn't gone without some comedy as well....

That last quote was shortly followed by my locating one avid /shout reader

Wishes he created a female, I bet

I bet he is regretting rolling up a male character right about now.

Some more mischannels....


Tele's Top Five:

1. Graphics and Animations - We still need new ones. Yes, I've heard that it would take approximately 8 man-years to create all new ones, but if you spend a little bit of money, you can shrink the actual development time down significantly. Money is not an excuse after you raise the monthly fee.

2. Customer Service - I might be the only one seriously turned off by the new /petition system, and I can see where it would cut down on wasted time, however due to the number of servers being shrunk by half, I think it's time to bring back server GM's. Those guys were respected for the most part, and generally made good decisions. The best part was that they were a part of the community, the guys you have now are just names, they aren't real people.

3. Itemization needs a Beta test - I know how much effort Zajeer puts into the itemization, and can only imagine how stressful it is, and I know he's trying his best to create items that characters would want, but seriously, A quick one week review of items with effects or focuses by a small review team could alleviate some of the issues of doubling focus effects or redundancies found with the end-game mobs.

4. Buying in-game stuff for real-life cash is still stupid. Profiteering from it is still worse.

5. For the love of whatever deity you worship make the target box on corpses larger. Yes, your mobs look neato, all 5 of them, but when they are dead, and I go to loot the body, I'm sick and tired of having to run around so i can click on the soles of feet or on the crotch to be able to get anything off the bod. Do all mobs hide their cash and goodies in their crotches? Killing a mob is less stressful than finding the correct spot on a corpse to click to get the loot. Something is amiss here and needs to be fixed.

Got anything you would like to share for the Top Five list? email Telegareth or go visit our boards and post something for me and I'll keep it for the next update list.


Huge thanks to the awesome people at Bizfu....